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Bringing climate change to the centre stage

Little victories get us through our day to day lives. It seems like there’s been nothing but bad news for the past however many years; tuition fees, financial crashes, Brexit, COVID, Putin. Often such things are short lived (and hopefully will continue to be so), yet there have been some constants throughout; unreliable British weather, the inability to win penalty shoot outs or post a good first innings lead, 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II – all reassuringly there…however, there is something else that has always been there, lurking in the background, when really it should be centre stage…

The following excerpt is taken straight from an excellent piece from and highlights the danger of something creeping up on us, almost imperceptibly – like the lobster in the pan of boiling water, put it straight into boiling water and it will thrash around as it’s life literally depends upon it; if it is plunged into cold water and gradually heated up, it will simply die (which goes against quite a few opinions we’ve recently seen online claiming that we’re “adapting” to climate change, no we’re not, we notice 0.1°C difference in temperature, enough to open windows or crank up the heating, so let’s put that silly notion to bed);

“It is a perennial problem. Each year, the world’s attention is deflected by economic crashes, wars and pandemics, while drip by drip irreversible ecological damage continues. A few species disappear, icecaps melt a bit more, the sea level continues to rise. Rio [1992 environment conference] and Stockholm [UN conference on human environment, 1972] raised the alarm about the incremental crisis that we face. By remembering that warning, we can, even at this late stage, avert the worst impacts of the global catastrophe that looms in front of us.”

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The same messages have been said for nearly as long as Liz has been on the throne, yet because the changes are subtle and not tangible, there is little ‘reward’ for investment, apparently. This view can be seen with basic energy efficiency. It makes far more sense to insulate your building first, rather than go straight for a fancy heat pump, but because insulation is hidden in the walls or loft space and doesn’t make an immediate perceived difference, it gets ignored, whilst a heat pump is a great big unit (looks a lot like an air conditioning unit) outside the building and because they’re in all the adverts it’s a case of “keeping up with the Jones’s” all over again – the issue of course is that the building is now poorly insulated and the heat pump is ineffective as it is having to work way harder than designed and in the end costs more than the old gas boiler system…so building users resort to plugging in carbon intensive electric heaters and then complain when they see the energy bill at the end of the month.

With this in mind, we’ve taken bits from our very first blog back in 2019 (and how the world has changed since then). Before that though, we had a quick look back at that first blog, bearing in mind the year it was posted…’health emergency’ was mentioned along with the issue of how cut off from the natural world we are that we are not adapting and evolving as we should be…(look up ‘Malthus vs Boserup to get into the technological debate), most poignantly we mention how “vulnerable we are".

Obviously we are not clairvoyant, just as those who sat down in 1972 (and far earlier it must be said) with their stark warnings weren’t, but it was all based on facts and what is happening right now and likelihood of what is to come. A pessimist would say it would be terrifying to look into the future, an optimist would say it would be wonderful to see how we saved ourselves and got ourselves out of this mess.

So, are you a pessimist, or an optimist?

We have to be optimistic that we can all do something; in fact we are all doing something, even it’s something as simple as putting the recycling bins out, taking part in ‘No Mow May’, turning off lights in empty rooms, insulating our buildings, eating less meat, flying less, using public and active transport more, these are all small individual actions, but multiplied on a global scale they are massive.

The world leaders and big industries are still making stupid decisions, but they are making some right ones, and importantly they are being lobbied and pressured from the public and businesses more than ever before. We see through ‘greenwashing’ attempts of the oil giants and the cover ups from Governments, the public is done with all talk and no trousers, which on its own is a huge positive.

So, we will finish with this bit from our first article a few years back;

It sounds dis-heartening, but for the first time in the history of our planet, a species has the potential to save itself and everything around it. We all play a part – whether as energy assessors ensuring businesses don’t waste energy, environmentalists protecting our ecosystems, politicians enforcing environmental law and regulation or every one of us doing the little things – turning off the tap whilst brushing our teeth, switching off lights in empty rooms, unplugging chargers, turning down the washing machine temperature, skipping using the car once a week – that make the biggest differences.

We can, we must, save our planet.

Finally, a sign of the times, we have turned limited! kW Energy Consultants Ltd is now go! Same great service, the same professionalism, the same passion…and…we’ve won again! We’re absolutely chuffed to bits to be recognised as the Energy Consultancy Business of the Year as part of the CorporateLiveWire Global Awards 2021/2022thank you to the award panel for announcing us, recognition for the hard work is always appreciated!

kW Energy Consultants Ltd Energy Consultancy Business of the Year
Energy Consultancy Business of the Year - kW Energy Consultants Ltd

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