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COVID-19 & saving energy

We are living in very strange times and our lives, our work, our children’s education is being affected and will be for some time. Firstly and most importantly, I sincerely want to express best wishes to everyone and particularly to anyone who has been directly impacted by the virus that a speedy recovery is underway. Of course we must all take inspiration and strength shown by the tireless efforts as ever, never more so than now and in the coming weeks and months, of our wonderful NHS staff, those pulling overtime and double shifts in supermarkets, delivery drivers racking up the miles and farmers working ever-more flat out to keep us afloat – the key message, please consider everyone around you and only buy what you really need.

It may seem irrelevant to discuss something so seemingly insignificant as saving energy at the moment, but the fact is that the world keeps on turning and climate change is still occurring, despite reduced global travel. Please, please ensure your business or school has adjusted the heating system controls to reflect either reduced staffing hours & numbers or ensure ‘holiday’ or complete shutdowns occur where relevant. Also, for those now fully working from home, be sure to keep your household energy usage in check, especially as March has a tendency to throw in a cold spell from time to time!

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As kW Energy Consultants are based remotely, our business carries on regardless including any consultancy support, desk-based renewals or just general advice you may need. Now is an ideal opportunity to make sure Building Management Systems are actually working properly and for larger organisations/buildings/sites having a strategy in place will really help reduce energy consumption and associated costs – particularly at a time where savings are paramount.

Whilst there is a lot of uncertainty what we can be certain of is that this will pass, we will get through it and our society, our communities will be stronger for it, but for now don’t despair at the idea of long-term social distancing or isolation, enjoy your garden and the local wildlife which is really coming to life as summer draws nearer. Most importantly, do take care and stay safe.

kW Energy Consultants provide consultancy support to all sectors and industries to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions within buildings and deliver building energy compliance – Display Energy Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates, Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, bespoke energy audits & reports. To find out more visit

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