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Make the Old Ways Extinct

Watch Extinction: The Facts with Sir David Attenborough. The title sounds less than promising and I am not going to lie, a relaxing ‘binge-worthy’ bit of telly it certainly is not, but it is good to get those grey cells working – most importantly though, do not be scared, be inspired; it is certainly how I felt after watching it.

We can, we must, we will save our planet.

Bit by bit, step by step, day by day.

Everything we do can have a negative or a positive impact on our world – surely we want to have a positive impact, yes?

With everything that is going on in the world right now it can be easy to forget about the bigger problems – the current pandemic sucks, understatement of the year, but compared to the threat of climate change it is barely a drop in the ocean; a point raised by Extinction really, that there will be more, potentially deadlier pandemics than what we are currently living through, largely linked to habitat destruction, habitats such as rainforests, the destruction of which of course is causing our climate to change at a runaway pace.

It is encouraging then that the Government has just announced that 30% of the UK’s land will be protected from biodiversity loss – that figure seems pretty small though when considering that 26% is already protected by National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and other statuses, surely more could be done?

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We saw during the early stages of the pandemic, when humans were locked down, that the planet prospered and bounced back remarkably quickly – we need to continue this drive down; unlike the dilemma the Government are having over health vs economy, investing in environmentally-friendly industries can support both. From a health point of view, dirtier air directly leads to respiratory problems which viruses such as COVID-19 as well as seasonal flus and common colds for starters; dirtier air caused by increased carbon emissions, not just in cities from gas-guzzlers but from power-plants out in the countryside (the same power-plants that provide electricity that charge electric vehicles by the way, so they are not as blameless as the Government and car manufacturers would have you think).

The only way to come out of this pandemic is positively, as a species we have no choice, we must invest in the environment. It starts with planting billions of trees, retrofitting buildings with insulation, cleaning up our cities. Simple things as well, anything to help reduce the risks of climate change, eating less meat and dairy, using sustainable and active transport, recycling more, wasting less, really thinking ‘where did that come from?’ before picking it up off the shelf, choosing local, eating seasonally – these are all excellent and easy projects to run for businesses and schools – for help, get in touch.

These environmental investments are labour intensive, they save the planet and create jobs (It has been estimated that nearly half a million jobs could be created by retrofit projects alone); from the assessors, surveyors and consultants checking what can be done to an existing building or ensuring new builds are up to scratch and go beyond compliance (that is us by the way!) to the engineers to properly design the systems and installers of course. There is the actual manufacture of equipment as well with technicians and design teams working with quality auditors to make sure the kit is safe and up to standard; then there is the sales and marketing teams, project managers, couriers and hauliers and logistics staff…the possibilities, the potential is endless.

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I am only scratching the surface here, but the message is clear; save the environment, save ourselves. We all have a part to play.

Whilst all this is going on (as if that were not enough) the businesses are saving money, money it can spend on resources, updated machinery and equipment and its staff! Get started with an energy assessment of your business, place of work or educational facility – there are FREE audits and Government-backed grants available for energy saving implementations, so why not start your journey to achieving carbon neutrality today?

kW Energy Consultants provide consultancy support to all sectors and industries to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions within buildings and deliver building energy compliance – Display Energy Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates, Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, bespoke energy audits, reporting & projects. To find out more visit

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