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Moving on from COP26

What a difference a year makes; the end of 2020 will be remembered, in the UK at least but largely the world over, as incredibly bleak with confusing and depressing lockdown rules restarting, just in time for Christmas. Some were getting hopeful that the pandemic, particularly the travel restrictions that resulted, had reduced carbon emissions and got us back on track to achieving the desired 1.5°C global temperature increase target.

How things have changed; true the pandemic lingers on, but its grip has been weakened by a successful vaccine, booster and now drug rollout, to the point where it barely features in the news (Omicron notwithstanding); instead the news is focusing on arguably a bigger and potentially more catastrophic pandemic, namely that of climate change. Millions have already been affected and died as a result of climate change and many more will do so, as well as the devastating impacts on wildlife and the wider environment. In a way it is nothing new, our climate has been changing for some time, however its recent rapid acceleration is alarming.

For the first time though public awareness of climate change is universal. For the first time on this planet, a species can do something about it.

Life may never be the same, or normal as it was in 2019; this ‘new normal’ is something we have had to adapt to. Largely, we have, and quickly too. The same mentality seems to be applied to the climate change pandemic. The coming years will not be the same as before; our climate is changing. We need to change with it if we want to live the lives we lead in a sustainable fashion.

Which brings us to the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 – COP26 in Glasgow. Even hiding under the proverbial rock would not be enough to escape the attention that this has drawn; these conferences have been big in the past, but nothing to this scale, such is the demand, the urgency, the importance of getting our global climate policy right. There were many speeches, many pacts and many agreements which was wonderful to see; naturally there was still a lot of anger and frustration, the ‘blah, blah, blah’ – a phrase both welcomed and also criticised. Perhaps though the opening words by Sir David Attenborough will be the most poignant – his powerful message to the world leaders that “The World is Looking to you” is enough to put shivers down spines the world over.

kW Energy Consulants COP26
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Following COP26, there is brightness on the horizon, but how far away is that horizon? With nations like India aiming to achieve net zero by 2070, there could be some long, rocky years ahead. Sorting climate change isn’t like that annoying friend who always did their homework at the last minute, yet still got an A*; this needed sorting a long time ago. Yes, progress has been made, but did it really need a big sit down amongst endless discussions to decide this, couldn’t it all have just been done?

In essence, it’s evidently too little, too late. Yet there has to be hope, we’re still here as a species and the planet continues to spin, but the world we will inhabit will look increasingly different over time. We all have a part to play, goodness knows that the world leaders should have done more and need to do more, but whilst they’re busy playing political games, large industries, SMEs and we the public can make significant differences ourselves.

Our role at kW Energy Consultants is to help businesses, educational providers, health services and the public sector to reduce their carbon emissions and save on energy. We are proud of the work we do and how we have helped our clients up and down the country to reduce their emissions, increased energy efficiency and cut their fuel bills significantly. We have recently been recognised as ‘Green Business of the Year’ in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021, which has spurred us on to continue to work hard and play our part in tackling climate change.

Going back to Sir David Attenborough’s speech, “if working apart we are a force powerful to destabilise our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it”.

kW Energy Consultants Midland Enterprise Awards

kW Energy Consultants provide consultancy support to all sectors and industries to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions within buildings and deliver building energy compliance – Display Energy Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates, Part L Checks, Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, bespoke energy audits, reporting, projects & much more. To find out more visit

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