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Our blog posts usually discuss an overarching issue that is dominating the headlines but for a change we wanted to talk about ourselves, what we’ve been up to, updates & upgrades and how we can help as we plunge headlong into ‘heating season’.

Firstly, the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. Back at the start of October the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) released a £1bn pot of grant funding for public sector bodies including schools, academies & trusts, local authorities and NHS Trusts amongst others, for capital energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects such as LED lighting, insulation, heating systems and renewable technology installations like solar panels or heat pumps.

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Public sector bodies need to gets applications in before 11th January which, when considering how quickly this year has gone (a blessing considering how difficult 2020 has been for many), is a very short deadline and the applications can be quite onerous. Thankfully, there is also the Low Carbon Skills Fund which can be used to source specialist and expert advice for energy assessments, to identify and develop energy efficiency projects, as well as help prepare robust and effective applications to the grant scheme – for more information on how we can help, please get in touch.

We feel the more this grant scheme is advertised the better; from speaking with our clients it appears that it unfortunately is largely unheard of, so spread the word!

In other news, we have had an upgrade! We are now fully qualified and accredited to deliver and produce Level 5 Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). An EPC rates how energy efficient your building is using an A-G grading system; they are a legal requirement and fines of up to £5,000 can be issued if an EPC is not made available to prospective buyers or tenants. They are required whenever a building is sold or let, upon completion of construction of a new building and when there are significant alterations to a building including major extensions and installation of renewable technologies.

EPCs are divided into levels of complexity, from 3 for simple to 5 for highly complex. The majority of buildings are Level 3 or 4, but an increasing number of buildings, particularly newer builds, have complex constructions including atria or services such as demand controlled ventilation, which a Level 3 or 4 EPC cannot incorporate; only qualified L5 EPC assessors (such as us!) using Dynamic Surface Modelling software can produce EPCs for buildings with such features. This also applies to newly built premises which are at the design stage and require a Building Regulations UK Part L (BRUKL) report.

If any of the above sounds like it applies, please get in touch for advice. We of course provide for all levels of EPCs so we guarantee we can assist, including producing Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) reports & guidance for properties that fall below the require ‘E’ rated EPC. The MEES regulations state that a property needs to have an EPC of at least an ‘E’ rating, otherwise it cannot be leased; fines for non-compliance can rack up to £150,000. We can help to ensure you remain compliant and to assist with buildings that have failed and need energy efficiency improvements.

Finally, for those not a fan of cringe TV look away now! We will be featured on Notts TV and be available on demand from the week commencing 2nd November discussing issues such as fuel poverty, the issues surrounding working from home and how we’re working with organisations to reduce their carbon footprints and manage their buildings more effectively in this challenging environment.

kW Energy Consultants provide consultancy support to all sectors and industries to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions within buildings and deliver building energy compliance – Display Energy Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates, Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, bespoke energy audits, reporting & projects. To find out more visit

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