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Part L & TM52

Building Regulations UK Part L (BRUKL) reports are produced for non-domestic buildings to show compliance with Part L2A of the Building Regulations for the conservation of fuel and power. They are used to predict a new building’s energy efficiency. All new non-domestic buildings require a BRUKL report before construction starts, and depending on the size, they may also be required for extensions. Get in touch with our expert Level 5 energy assessors for more information on whether your project requires a BRUKL report, and also with the production of the necessary documentation.
For more information and advice on how to ensure your project passes regulations get in touch today.

Building Regulations in 2022 stipulate an Overheating Risk Assessment (TM52) is required for all new buildings, following Government concerns regarding the risk of overheating, especially in new buildings.

Overheating, even in the UK, is becoming an increasingly common problem with the onset of worsening impact of climate change, as well as poor building design (large areas of glazing, inadequate ventilation). Exhaustion, hospitalisation and death can occur as a result.

Our expert assessors, using Dynamic Simulation Modelling to model both Part L and TM52 (Approved Document O), work closely with you to ensure your design and project achieve compliance. 

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DSM Calculations

Our experts are Level 5 qualified energy assessors; not only does this allow us to produce BRUKL reports for the most complex buildings, but also means we use Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) software, producing more accurate reports and ratings than the Simplified Building Energy Modelling (SBEM) method.

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Why are BRUKL reports needed?

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important aspect in the design of new commercial buildings. Compliance with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards is mandatory, but the benefits of an energy-efficient building extend far beyond compliance. A more energy-efficient building results in lower operating costs and can result in significant savings over time. Energy is typically the second-largest cost to service businesses, after payroll, and kW Energy Consultants can help control it. An energy-efficient building is the first step to staying on top of energy costs, achieving net-zero and helping to address climate change issues. 

It is recommended that the DSM calculations and BRUKL report are done as early as possible in the design process to optimise energy efficiency and avoid costly redesigns at a later stage. Our energy assessors at kW Energy Consultants will work closely with the design team to ensure the building will run as efficiently as possible.

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Non-Domestic BRUKL Calculations

Once contracted, in order to complete BRUKL calculations for a new non-domestic building, the designer’s drawings, plans, and specifications are first sent to one of kW Energy Consultants’ accredited assessors. The DSM will be applied to the designs to produce the initial As-Designed BRUKL draft. Suggestions to improve the energy efficiency of the designs will be discussed. This is why it is vital that BRUKL calculations are completed early in the design process. They allow any potential issues to be identified and corrected early on, minimising costly redesigns or retrofit improvements later in the process.

The Stages of BRUKL Calculations

Four key stages exist:

  1. As-Designed Draft

  2. As-Designed Final

  3. As-Built Draft

  4. As-Built Final

The As-Designed stage is required in order for building to commence. This version of the BRUKL report shows the predicted results of the building based on the design specification provided. The As-Built calculations are carried out on completion and are based on what has been built.  They are needed for the completion certificate and EPC to be issued.

Our experienced energy assessors are skilled in DSM calculations and can assist in modelling your building and producing the required BRUKL reports. Contact kW Energy Consultants for a quote that fits your project complexity or size in regards to BRUKL calculation costs.

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Why Choose kW Energy Consultants for BRUKL Services?

At kW Energy Consultants we understand the complexity of meeting building regulations. We can help your new build project meet these compliance regulations and ensure energy-efficient designs are in place right from the start. Our experienced energy assessors will work with you from the initial design phase with your BRUKL report all the way through to project completion with the As-Built EPC. To find out more about how we can help you with your BRUKL report get in touch by calling 07837 941220 or email us at and we will get back to you shortly.

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