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Energy Consultants

Many UK businesses, public bodies or educational facilities do not have a full understanding of the impact energy has on their organisation. In the UK service sector alone, energy is typically the second-largest cost after payroll. There are a vast number of government legislations and requirements to adhere to, so it can be difficult to know where to begin when looking to improve your energy consumption and efficiency. At kW Energy Consultants we are here to help. Our experienced energy consultants will work with you to produce bespoke energy audits and come up with unique and innovative strategies to reduce your energy costs, increase efficiency and take you towards the goal of net-zero emissions.
For more advice & further information on how we can help you save energy please get in touch today.

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Energy Audits and Consultancy: Welcome

Energy Audits

Recent technological developments have greatly improved the ability to analyse and understand an organisation’s energy consumption and efficiency. Our team of energy consultants produce bespoke energy audits and reports to provide a detailed insight into an organisation’s historic and real-time energy usage. Irrespective of the size, industry or sector, kW Energy Consultants can map out the energy consumption and efficiency across all sites, transport systems, machinery & appliances. This paints a full picture of an organisation’s historic and current energy usage and helps identify areas where improvements can be made.
Our expert energy consultants work alongside our clients to produce innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions to the identified problems. We will always provide estimates of the costs of implementation and the long term benefits that each improvement will have. Once contracted, our team works alongside clients to implement the solutions.

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Energy Projects Support

The achievement of the benefits from an energy project tend to be long term and the costs can be considerable. kW Energy Consultants have several years of experience, working with private and public sector organisations and schools, colleges and universities, of successfully delivering energy projects from inception through to implementation.

There are a number of activities that we can perform to better manage your costs, and government schemes and incentives that can be used to defer the costs. These include:-

  • Net cost analysis report - to help identify areas for cost reduction

  • Analysis of tax credits, financing and government incentives

  • Guidance through the process of applying for funding, including grants and zero-interest loans

  • Guidance on cash flow management

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ESOS Compliance

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory government programme for companies meeting the qualification criteria. It aims to help large companies reduce their energy consumption and become more energy-efficient, and all our energy consultants are qualified, accredited Lead ESOS assessors. To find out more about ESOS and see whether your business qualifies, check out our dedicated ESOS page.

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Energy Consultancy Benefits

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees and hundreds of students, energy is likely to be a significant cost to your organisation. kW Energy Consultants can help you to:

  • Identify Patterns - In every organisation there are highs and lows in terms of energy usage throughout the year. Our energy consultants can analyse your historic energy consumption data to identify patterns with these peaks and troughs. We can then work alongside you to implement practical solutions to reduce the peaks and keep your costs and consumption more consistent.

  • Reduce energy costs - Managing costs is essential for any organisation, and costs from energy consumption are no different. Even seemingly small practical improvements can yield huge long term reductions in cost. Our energy consultants can audit your organisation and identify areas where significant costs can be saved. In certain cases, we have identified solutions to reduce costs by up to 40%. 

  • Become environmentally friendly - The world is rapidly heading towards irreversible climate change, and global pressure is driving us all to become more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. We believe that every organisation should play their part. At kW Energy Consultants we can help you to reduce your carbon emissions and move your organisation towards the goal of net-zero. This also creates a lasting impression on your customers, funding bodies and stakeholders and helps show your organisation, whether it is in the private sector, a local authority or a multi academy trust, in a positive light.

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Choose kW as your Commercial Energy Consultants

Our experienced energy consultants are here to help you reduce your energy costs and make a positive impact on the environment. Contact us today for a free initial consultation regarding your project by:-

We look forward to helping you make lasting positive changes to your organisation.

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